Who is
Steven Vreden?

Steven Vreden is the Co-Founder and former Chairman of the Board of the First Noble Institute, the premier European Institute for World History and Afro Caribbean Art and Culture. He oversees the entire scope and focuses on providing people with new opportunities to thrive through immersive experiences and culturally inspired art forms.
But Steven is so much more. He is an Educator, Scientist, Lecturer, Psychologist, Interdisciplinary Artist, Consultant, and Public Speaker. Last, Steven is the founder of the private practice of psychology, sexology, and couple therapy: Anima Cura.

He is a coach, mentor, guide, enabler, and connector on a mission to help people overcome their biggest obstacles. ​​Steven loves to help people and enable them to reach their full potential and do what they were meant to do. That is his true passion.

First Noble Institute educates in World History, Afrofuturism, Afro Caribbean Culture through media art. The goal is to help non-mainstream artists connect with kindred spirits internationally while building their skills and succeeding in life, no matter their background. This has fueled Steven’s ambition to co-create the First Noble platform.
The days of centralized systems and gatekeepers who decide who gets to play and get paid are over. Instead, Steven wants to usher in a time where everybody has an equal opportunity to be happy and prosperous.